Interview with Katrina Ellis, Naturopath, Author and Wellness Advocate



Today I had the privilege of meeting the very down to earth, gorgeous and extremely intelligent, Naturopath, Author and inspiring wellness advocate, Katrina Ellis. Katrina has an amazing healing story and is a remarkable example of the body’s ability to heal itself.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your amazing healing journey?

Well, I started healing when I was a little girl. Mum always had naturopaths and nutritionist growing up and never had doctors. And as a little girl I was always interested by what food could do for me. With my dad a fitness instructor in the army and mum into health, the two combinations intrigued me. I was always fascinated how the food we eat and the sport we play can make you a better person.

My own healing journey started as a naturopath when I was taken over to Thailand by the Prime Minister, to run a natural health programme in his health resort Chiva Som. He wanted to revolutionise Thailand and bring health and wellness to the world by using Thai people. I then spent many years turning Chiva Som into a world renown health retreat.

During my time in Thailand, I was working 6 days a week with no time off and I got exposed to a toxic chemical that was buried during the Vietnam War. A big wind sprayed the chemical over our town and 3 weeks later my belly blew up. I was wondering what was going on, as my belly had always been flat? I thought maybe it was my digestion and tried a few natural treatments, but it slowly got bigger. That’s when I started seeking opinions. Two different doctors gave me a different diagnosis. One said I had a cyst on the right ovary and the other said it was the left? I then went to a well-known doctor in Bangkok who said it was a cyst on the left and we will need to perform a hysterectomy!

That’s when a friend flew me to England to see some doctors and still no one was picking up cancer. I then got flown to UCLA and they still wanted to take my ovaries out. By this stage, my belly looked 6 months pregnant and I had to sleep with a pillow under it!

My mum started doing some research and found a Homeopath who said get her back to Australia and I will treat her. So I flew back home and they did a American Indian technique on me that had been done for centuries. My belly started going down and he said you should be right. I was relieved and thought I’d go celebrate with some friends. But as I was driving to meet them, it started blowing up again……I couldn’t believe it and thought it’s got to come out!

Finally, it was taken out. The tumour was so big, it had already split and it was finally diagnosed as the most aggressive form of ovarian cancer. I would need 90 hours of Chemo to try and kill what had been split in my body. After 90 hours they had killed all my white cells and I was becoming resistant to the chemotherapy. During the chemo, I was trying to use natural medicine that I knew to try and overcome the chemo’s resistant to my body. By this stage, not much was working using orthodox medicine!

I finally got the courage to go home and try and heal myself, using every bit of knowledge I knew to heal the body. I tried a raw diet (not completely), healing food, meditation and healing herbs. I then had to remove a toxic relationship and finally things started to shift. I went back to the doctor and he gave me the all clear!

It was this journey that catapulted me to another level as a healer. It gave me a whole new empathy to understand chronic disease from orthodox and alternative perspective.

2. After that incredible journey, you obviously are a raw food advocate?

Raw is amazing, bringing more phytochemicals and healing nutrients into the body, but it doesn’t suit everybody. It depends on your genetic disposition, your constitution, blood type and iris constitution. If you are thin or underweight, raw food is too cooling and it doesn’t help a person to thrive.

I try to recommend adding more raw food into people’s diet and recipes. My book Raw Addiction had been tested by my kids and family before it went to print, to ensure it was liked by everybody and that the recipes were easy to incorporate into your diet.


Decadent Chocolate Slice

3.What role do you believe our gut has, in keeping us healthy?

The neurotransmitters in our brain that are made in our hypothalamus are 90% created in our gut. Good gut function, makes good neurotransmitters that help us to feel good!

Many Autoimmune conditions come from some break down in the gut and it also has a major role in our main immunity.

A good probiotic will help improve the gut flora already existing in the gut. I recommend Multiflora by Orthoplex. I also recommend taking a Prebiotic, which is the fuel that makes the good gut flora grow. This can be found in Kombucha drinks, Kefir, Miso and anything fermented is Prebiotic.

4. What are your thoughts on all the different diets that are published each year?

To me a lot are fads. I believe in choosing whole foods, as unprocessed as possible. You have to find what works for you, so you and your family can sustain it long term (Individualism).

5. Tell me about why so many people have problems with gluten today?

Many years ago in the 1950s they cross bred grains to stop fungi growing because of our heat in Australia. Because of this cross breeding, our bodies don’t recognise them. They also store the grains for months, which develops mould and changes its structure, which our bodies don’t recognise. People are amazed how they can go to France or Italy and can eat pasta and bread with no problems. This is because they didn’t do this to their grains (although they are starting to).

6. Do you have a ‘self-care’ tip for my readers?

Exercise and taking time out! I always drink 1 1/2 litres per day of alkaline water, with a high pH in it. I get this from an alkaline water filter – water how we used to drink it with loads of minerals in it. People don’t realise water is more important than food, as our bodies are 70% water. And finally…… eat greens every day!

7. How do you find balance as a healer, wife and mother?

Exercise and taking time out are important to me. It helps keep me focused and the ability to function for my family and clients.
My week looks like this:
I run on the beach 3 mornings a week and walk my dog. I work four days a week and have Monday off for my family. I finish early 2 days a week to do afterschool sport with the kids and work 2 long days a week. We then all surf together on the weekends. My husband and I are a good team, we have a great balance.

8. I Love quotes, do you have one that you live by?

“Food is your Medicine” – I have always believed this since I was little. My mum taught me when I was young, if you don’t put the right foods into your body, your brain won’t function.

I have another one that Leslie Kenton taught me. Leslie was at the forefront of natural medicine. She wrote the books “Natural Beauty”, “Wise Woman” and many others. I met her in Thailand at Chiva Som and she said to me Katya (my nickname), I always say in my head every day, ”Cool, Clear, Calm”.

It’s worked for me, for years!

If you are lucky to live near the coast of Queensland, Australia. Katrina practises from the gorgeous seaside suburb of Kirra or is available for Skype consultations.


Goji Heaven
(Notes: Please see the ovarian cancer website for indications of ovarian cancer

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