Mindful Eating


One of my good friends has a saying “Does it Serve You?” This is such a good question to think about as I gobble my lunch on the run. Scull my cup of tea. Eat sometimes standing up whilst checking my emails…….hang on what did I just eat?……and then grab an apple as I run out the door to pick up the kids.

As I read more about ‘mindful eating,’ I stopped to think about how I could apply this quote, “does it serve you” to my own life?

Being Mindful, helps me to explore food is neither good or bad. It helps me think about how it makes me feel, promotes balance, choice and takes guilt away from the pleasure of food.

I know it isn’t possible to be mindful all the time in our modern, time poor lives. But if we think about it at least once a day that would benefit us.

So this week I’m going to practise ‘Mindful Eating.’ I’ll try to have my tea in a nice cup my grandma gave me. Enjoy the preparation of healthy food. Set a beautiful table. Breathe. Have the dessert without guilt and enjoy meals with my gorgeous (and sometimes crazy) family and friends.

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