Portion Sizes!

Food, Glorious  Food!

After dinner last week I sat down to watch Sunday Night and because I’m interested in food and nutrition, I watched with an open mind about the ‘new’ 5/2 diet. It explores the theory that you eat what you like for five days and then restrict your calorie intake to 500 calories for two days.

It is a fast!

Results: according to Sunday Night, not only did participants lose weight, but it was proven medically to increase a patient’s longevity.

To be honest, I don’t like counting calories. I like to eat whole foods and think about nutrition. Yes, I have a piece of chocolate sometimes, and enjoy a cheeky glass of wine…as I believe in taking a balanced approach to life.

What was good about watching the show, was taking a look at my portions.

I grew up with healthy food, but our servings were huge. We are of European hospitality where food is love, and it came in abundance. Big serves, food piled high and happy, family gatherings.

I now live with a gorgeous man (my husband), who has an unbelievable appetite and can metabolise an amazing amount of food. As for me, my frame is small, I am only 160 centimetres high and I eat similar amounts to hubby.

So let’s take a look firstly at my plates. My Kitchen Rules contestants would think they were gorgeous! Big, white and shows off the food beautifully. As I was shopping the other day, I went looking through an Op shop to see the size of plates my grandmother might have eaten off, and I was shocked at the comparison.

Another noticeable difference today is, the proliferation and availability of food. Service Stations, Chemists, Gyms, Newsagents…..So how do we go about reducing our portion sizes, especially if it could lead to a long term healthier you!

Here are a few tips I’m going to try.

1. Use a smaller plate.
2. Keep a food journal for one week, just to take a close look at what I am actually eating.
3. Drink more water.
4. Chew my food!
5. Meal plan and get organised.

Good luck this week and if you have any helpful tips, please let me know.

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