When the intuitive nudge is there ACT!

Imagination is everything it

Isn’t life amazing, how you can sometimes be thinking of somebody and then they call you that day or you run into them at the supermarket. Or you ask yourself a little question and in a few days you keep getting little messages or signs to act upon.

Have you ever thought about the fact that everything that is happening in your life, you are attracting. And what you think about most you are attracting. I had this happen to me recently as I am on my blogging journey. I was thinking about how I could improve my blog and learn more about this new world. Then a couple of days later I was thinking about a blog I love and thought I’d go over and take a look at it. It’s called Fat Mum Slim. You wouldn’t believe she is starting a blogging school! Yah, I thought! And before I knew it I had signed up.

If you want to achieve something, you must ask for what you want with a clear intention and feeling of what it is you are after. If you feel joyous and happy as you think about these things, you are aligning yourself with the creative process to make it happen.

So next time the intuitive nudge is there don’t hesitate, ACT upon it!




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