Eat More, Not Less!

g o o d n e s s  i n  o n e  h i t-2

When you embark on a new diet or see a nutritionist for advice, they will sometimes ask you to give up this and that for various health reasons or goal’s that you are trying to achieve. As you leave their office, I’m sure you may feel a little disappointed and overwhelmed by the news.

I have found ‘Adding In’ rather than ‘Taking Out,’ has turned my health and eating habits around and has become more effective in a sustained long-term health routine. What do I mean by ‘Adding In’?

Eating more whole foods, fruit, veggies, good quality protein, whole grains, healthy nuts and seeds, and lots of water will leave less room for the foods causing you troubles.

Keep a bottle of water close by and top it up regularly. If you keep drinking the water through-out the day, you will have less room for soft drinks and other undesired sugary drinks.

Once you keep filling your body with healthy, nutritious food, it is only natural that you will stop craving unhealthy foods and start to crave water and whole foods that make you feel amazing and energized. Before long using the ‘Adding In’ trick, you will find you are naturally following the plan your nutritionist or health adviser has put you on!

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