The Gift of Friendship


I believe; it is the friends in life that help make a life. Friends just know what to say at the right time and give you the confidence to make your dreams come true. They support you in bad times and build you up and give you the confidence to carry on through life, when things get tough.

How do they always know to call at just the right time?

My husband and I left Sydney to move to the Northern Rivers of NSW eight years ago. We have settled into a beautiful area and have made many wonderful friends.

I love to think about the different kinds of friendships I have made over my life. The childhood school friends (who know you, and all your crazy stories). The neighbourhood friend who reminds you to put the garbage out. The going out on a Friday night and dancing until the band won’t play anymore encores friend. The tennis friends. The friends you meet through your children who know when you’ve had a hard day. How special they all are.

So cherish your friends and make sure your friends know how special they are to you!


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