Paleo, Vegetarian, Raw Food, The Zone, Gluten Free…….Confused?

Every year, there is another fantastic book about the perfect diet. Each stating very valid reasons as to why if you follow one particular diet, it is the best way to achieve optimum health or weight loss.

As I try to achieve balance, I have started to believe in bio-individuality. “One man’s food, is another man’s poison.” What worked for me when I was 20, isn’t working for me now at 38. Why in winter do I feel the need to eat comforting foods and as summer approaches, I juice more and eat lighter? I have seen a case of bio-individuality in a friend’s children. If one eats gluten, he is very, very sick and yet his sister has no problems with it.

The types of food we eat can be influenced by age, cultural background, seasons, country, and gender. My journey more recently has been one of experimenting and finding what works for me. I have restocked my pantry with amazing herbs and spices, and I am experimenting in the kitchen using beautiful, fresh, whole foods (just like our grandparents did). I love this new journey of tuning into my body, as health isn’t a fad; it’s a daily practise!

So go on, get in the kitchen and start cooking!….Have fun!

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