Food changes everything!

Lately, I have been experimenting with my breakfast. I started with fruit, then moved on to scrambled eggs and mushrooms, corn fritter and avocado, and then I thought of the meal that my mum always used to make us in winter. I can picture her in her dressing gown stirring the pot of porridge to make it nice and creamy. She would make it quite simply out of full cream milk, a touch of butter and salt. We would then sprinkle brown sugar and pour a little extra milk. Yum!

So for the last three weeks I have had porridge for breakfast. I make mine a little different to the way mum used to make it, as this is what suits my body now. Almond milk, cinnamon, banana and a sprinkle of coconut. I love the warmth that fills my body whilst eating it. I seem to savour the food more and found I feel nourished, nurtured and very calm.

It made me start to think about food and how it effects your mood. I started to try and take notice of the different types of food and how I felt. My favourite dinner at the moment is quiet simple. Baked salmon marinated in tamari, garlic, ginger and coriander. Served with brown rice and greens (Broccolini and snow peas). The same thing happened, I felt calm, nourished and as if it was feeding my body, and when I say this, I mean feeding it in a way that is more than just the cellular properties that the food contains, but on another level that feeds the soul.

I heard lately that “food changes everything”……..So I challenge you, to find foods that love your body, nurture you and make you feel nourished. There must be something in that old fashioned saying “makes my body sing.”

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