Spread a little Sunshine!

We were sitting at the dinner table the other night, when my son announces that he has an unusual talent. He proceeds to tell us all that he can start with a fake laugh and turn it into a real laugh. “Ok,” we say.

So he starts with this funny and dare I say it ‘unusual’ fake laugh. I look around the dinner table, and we are all starting to smile….and then before you know it, he’s cracking up….and we are all cracking up!

So when I was at work the other day and one of my colleagues was telling me how The Super Moon had affected her, and she felt down, I thought I’d try out my son’s talent on her. We started with this ridiculous fake laugh, and before you knew it; we were laughing and then chatting about funny things.

She later came up to me and said it made her feel better, and the pain in her lower back had gone.

Wow, I thought!

So next time, someone you know feels down, spread a little sunshine and try my sons ‘unusual’ talent out on them. Or if this doesn’t work, I normally google gorgeous babies or animals.

Have a sunny day!

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